Baileys Fitted Furniture - What we do

Tailor Made Services


  • The art of combining modern design and materials, high tech production, traditional bespoke handcraft, real wood and TLC
  • Fully fitted co-ordinated bedrooms. Free call out for initial design estimate.
  • Tailor Made to measure to specification Using every possible material like real wood, alloy, glass, man-made finishes and fully painted laquer to colour code
  • Personalised bespoke service from the planning and design to the manufacture and fitting. Built to design.
  • Fitted Wardrobes and cupboards with individual personalised interiors.
  • Fitted designer sliding door wardrobes and room dividers in high tech contemporary and traditional.
  • Home study office furniture and library fitments.
  • Replacement doors made to size required.
  • Refurbish and refront and extend exisiting units.
  • Bathroom furniture designed and fitted.
  • Dual Purpose rooms with hideaway bed.
  • Lounge & TV Units, Hall cupboards.
  • Display units for china, glass, silver, collectables.
  • Fitting like a glove into loft conversions.